First day

Visit to the mosaics of the Villa Romana del Casale in Piazza Armerina, UNESCO heritage.
Return to the masseria. In the afternoon visit to the ancient city of Piazza Armerina, rich of churches and historical monuments and visits “delicius” to the famous bakeries of the city.

Second day

Visit to the Archaeological Museum of Aidone and the remains of the Sicilian city of Morgantina. Return to the masseria. Participation, depending on the time, its various daily activities: agricultural, cultural, etc.

Third day

Visit to Floristella Mineral Park, a rare example of industrial archeology. Return to the masseria. In the afternoon visit to the city of Enna: the Lombardia castle, the Rock of Ceres, the Duomo, the Archaeological Museum, the Tower of Frederick, the sources of the Nymphs.

Fourth day

Visit to the natural reserves of Rossomanno with “cunvintazzu” and hums with its “enchanted stones”. The masseria Bannata, on request, prepares for his guests take away baskets for a breakfast to eat in the places to visit. Return in the late afternoon.

Fifth day

Visit to the dam Nicoletti at the Nautical Club “Three Lakes” with the possibility of sports (water skiing, canoeing, sailing, mountain biking, archery, ree-climbing, bird watching). Guided tour of the establishment of “Pandittaino” exemplary for its ability to combine a handicraft production with the industrial one.

Day six

Visit to Calascibetta known for Necropolis of Realmese and the Byzantine village. Visit to a local cheese factory to watch the production of the traditional cheese “piacentino ennese” DPO, ricotta and pecorino cheese hinterland.

Day seven

Optional lessons in the garden of the masseria Bannata.
Traditional cooking classes dell’ennese in the masseria, also in english and german languages.
Screenings of films about the territory.